2021 Strategic Plan

Major Goals for 2021 Fiscal Year of the HERO Team:

Snr. Director – Paul Backhouse

  1. Define identity of HERO to Tribal Communities and External Agencies
  2. Support ERMD, Museum and THPO Operations. 
  3. Develop Strategic Relationships with Key Stakeholders
  4. Support Community Development Social Projects
  5. Provide Excellence in On-Reservation Permitting Support.
  6. Support Self Determination Through Strength in Government to Government Consultation
  7. Increase Opportunities for Tribal Member Employment

Community Engagement Manager – Quenton Cypress

  1. Continue the relationship with the Loxahatchee battle field and hopefully create an idea for the memorial that will best represent the soldiers and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.
  2. Have events at the topeekeeke Yakne going on at least once a week with the help of our new WEP person Olivia Cypress.
  3. Have a big Seminole tribal community trip to attend the 200th anniversary of Florida becoming a part of the US’s position/flag raising. (Bring me the head of Osceola project)
  4. Work more with ERMD
  5. Continue building a better relationship with the army corps of engineers
  6. Get the Brighton charter school and the Ahfachkee School out to Egmont Key

Snr. Scientist/Liaison – Stacy Myers

  1. Leadership role in Everglades Restoration
  2. Remote Collaboration Expertise leadership 
  3. Keep Leadership apprised of issues through position statements
  4. Integration of THPO and ERMD external project issues into positions
  5. Direct large scale projects across all Departments 

Project Manager – Bernard Howard and Management Trainee Richard Billie

  1. Develop STOF Permitting Workflow 
  2. Continued Developmental Trainings
  3. Establish HERO as separate entity from ERMD and THPO for on-reservation permitting
  4. Identify best software to aid STOF permitting process
  5. Continued oversight of STOF projects through the regulatory process

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