Recognizing the fragmented review processes of major external projects that were effecting Tribal Natural and Cultural Resources and Enterprises, Seminole Tribe Council established the Heritage and Environment Resources Office (HERO) to coordinate the complex review processes completed by the Tribal and Historic and Preservation Office (THPO) and Environmental Resource Management Departments by placing these Departments under the HERO umbrella. The staff of the HERO office under the direction of Dr. Paul Backhouse coordinates all State, Federal and Regional Review processes and coordinates and directs one concerted review and coordination effort for the Tribe. These reviews are directed by experienced scientists and policy experts to ensure consistent scientific position statements that provide informed scientific positions to Tribal Council.

Federal and State Policy Consultations

Provides to Tribe over 40 years of combined experience in the areas of Federal and State Water Resource Policy, Environmental and Wildlife Regulatory Policy, and Federal/State Cultural and Historical Preservation Policy to the Tribe. This expertise working in concert with the Tribe’s Legal Office which helps the Tribe to direct the massive Federal and State Civil Works projects and 3rd party regulatory projects in a manner that is favorable to the Tribe.

Services to the Tribe include:

  • Consultation
  • Remediation and Restoration Design
  • Federal/State Dispute Resolution
  • Community Outreach and Interaction

Heritage Permitting

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Off-Reservation Heritage Consultation

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Community Engagement

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Project Management

The Project Management section of HERO is focused on the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s regulatory processes for any and all projects that occur on Tribal lands. The Project Manager is responsible for streamlining the permitting process by collaborating with Tribal Community Development and the Tribal Inspector’s Office on all ongoing and upcoming projects, while providing oversite for the Tribal Historic Preservation Office and the Environmental Resources Management Department. Having this single point of contact for the departments ensures that communication flows smoothly, and that departmental reviews are completed efficiently and effectively. 

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